Commonly Asked Questions

How can I give to the Brighten Our Light campaign?

We’ve tried to make giving to the Brighten Our Light campaign as easy as possible.  


We encourage you to use Simply Giving which is available for the Brighten Our Light campaign – you can use this method regardless if you use it for your annual giving or not.  This will allow for automated withdrawal so you don’t have to write a separate check.  Simply Giving forms are available on the wall by the offices in the Commons.


Brighten Our Light envelopes are available in the Commons and will be replenished throughout the 3-year campaign.  Take as many as you need!  We ask that you keep your annual giving and your campaign donations separate to ensure proper allocation of funds. 

For stock and other non-cash donations, please contact Mac Alfriend (Chair, Financial Ministry Team) at (804) 740-7214 or  He will provide you with the information that will be necessary for our representative to complete the transaction.  Please remember that any stock transfer must clearly identify the Brighten Our Light Campaign to ensure that the transaction is properly recorded.  As everyone’s situation is different, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISOR REGARDING TAX IMPLICATIONS PRIOR TO DONATING STOCK.

Are the building plans shared earlier this year the plans we're committed to for this campaign? 

No, The first footprint images on display in the Commons and shared with the congregation earlier this year were only conceptual, first impressions. In recent weeks, we've learned a lot about what you like and what you don't from these plans! The more you tell us, the better we can communicate with the architect about what we really want to do and to prioritize.

We've talked generally about "refreshing the education wing." What is it we're trying to accomplish in this area? Is it just new paint, more intensive renovation? Will bathrooms be put on the 2nd floor? 

We're not completely sure. With the education wing is a priority for the ministry of Epiphany, more research needs to be done to determine the issues and costs to meet construction codes. Once the campaign is complete, we anticipate a congregation vote in Spring 2018 on how we will proceed with the construction and renovation projects.

How will annual gifts be included? When we be asked to make these gifts? 

To focus our energies on the facility improvements, we are asking only for 3-year campaign commitments at this time. Church leadership will be asking in the winter for 1-year annual gifts to Epiphany's on-going ministries.

When do my gift payments for the appeal begin? 

Unless you prefer a different timetable, the payment period begins December 1, 2017. The Intent Form has a place for you to indicate how and when you will fulfill your commitment.

How long does the Appeal last? 

The Appeal will last for three years: December 1, 2017 - November 30, 2020. However, if you feel you can make a larger gift by extending the time, you are welcome to do so. You may also make a one-time gift or make payments for less than three years.Is it possible just to make gifts to the Appeal without making a specific commitment?

Is it possible just to make gifts to the Appeal without making a specific commitment? 

Yes, but written responses, while never legally binding, give us an indication of what we can expect and plan for our mutual ministry, and will ultimately determine our ability to impact the world. Please fill out a response card indicating how you will respond even if you do not make a commitment. The response from the congregation will be a compelling story to tell to our new members and to our community as we prepare for even more impactful ministry.

Do all gifts to the Appeal have to be cash? 

No. Gifts of property, appreciated stock, mutual funds, in-kind gifts needed in property improvements, cash value from insurance policies or policy loan proceeds, Certificates of Deposit [CD's], bonds and annuities are just some of the ways we can give. All of these gifts may be subject to restrictions and limitations, so it is wise to consult your financial adviser or accountant.

What is the advantage of giving appreciated stocks or property? 

You can avoid capital gains taxes and also receive a tax deduction for making a charitable gift.

How do I make a gift of appreciated stock? 

Have your broker transfer shares from your account to the church. Contact Mac Alfriend at the office for account information. Important! Do not sell the stock yourself or you will be unable to avoid the capital gains tax. The church's broker will sell the stock, and you will get credit for its average market value on the day it is transferred.

Will we have a debt following this campaign? 

We don't know yet. This largely depends on much is raised in this campaign and how much of the project initiatives we determine are necessary in a first effort. Our goal is to not have more debt than we can eliminate with a second appeal. Therefore, the project will be phased if we cannot raise enough money to keep any remaining debt at an extremely manageable level.

Note: Important! Do not sell the property yourself or you will be unable to avoid the capital gains tax. If you are trying to capture a capital loss, you likely should sell it yourself.