what will god do with these projects?

We aren't just doing projects for the sake of doing projects. Spaces which have served Epiphany well in past years, those which have made possible the growth in membership and regular attenders, have become cramped and limit the ability to care for one another and respond to ministry needs in our congregation and the broader Richmond community. As we move into these projects, which align with our Vision 2020, we expect God to be at work - faithful to continue the good work begun in us, through us and among us.

By participating in this project together - from dreaming the vision, providing thoughtful and prayerful input, working alongside one another in the campaign, selflessly committing to God's work with a financial gift to the appeal, then living through construction which better position us for growth of new ministries - God will deepen our faith community to Christ's mission here. This project will offer new opportunities for Epiphany to move forward in ministry.Commons Area

Buildings matter. Some of us consider our church facility as a second home. It is where we, or our family, have formed our faith through study and conversation. It is where we have celebrated or grieved some of the most poignant moments of our lives. Winston Churchill famously said, "We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us." How is our church building shaping us and shaping the ministries of Epiphany?

Architects say the guiding rule for gathering space should be large enough for one-half of the group be able to stand. Our current space falls woefully short of this guide. It also functions more often as a corridor and doesn't provide the wide-open area needed for people to stand, sit, and have conversations. As we add gathering space, we increase our ability to get to know one another and to develop ideas and better organize for ministry.

Improved gathering space allows opportunity to deepen our relationships within the congregation and to welcome with greater hospitality those who come to Epiphany for the first time. This is especially critical for congregations like ours which serve a wide metropolitan area. As we grow deeper with one another and are made more aware of the ministries we offer, the God's Spirit naturally strengthens us to extend our witness in outreach and service into that area.

Epiphany is a congregation which aims to serve - one another, our local community and beyond. But for ministry to be most impactful, it requires effective and organized leadership. Time and time again, we hear that those interested in serving don't know how to get involved. Today, our church staff lacks collaborative space and, in some cases, offices are located far from one another. Enlarging the office space will enable our staff to work effectively with one another, providing space for future expansion as we continue to grow and added meeting space for ministry teams.

After this project is done, we will be able to do the ministry that we are called to do. We will better meet the needs of our current membership and include more people. We will reach new groups. This campaign unleashes our potential.

project Details

Welcome Areas

An enlarged gathering space following service will improve circulation space and allow us to properly showcase our outreach ministries, eliminating the crowded hallway which can be intimidating for visitors to navigate and limits space which encourages discussion that can build church community. Opening the area will be a welcome environment to linger for a cup of coffee and to sign-up to participate in Epiphany ministries.

Office Suite

An enlarged office suite will improve the disjointed and cramped conditions in which our administrative and pastoral team currently operate. Relocating the Finance Manager and Faith Formation Ministries Director to join the pastors, administrative assistant, and the Volunteer Coordinator will enable better collaboration in serving Epiphany. An added conference room for staff and ministry teams will provide new space for small groups and parishioner meetings with pastors.

Music Space

To be good stewards of all God has entrusted us, the chapel, currently an under-utilized space in our life together, will be repurposed for our growing music ministry. Relocating the cramped music space will allow for more instruments and more participants to enhance our worship, and will open additional space for ministry and faith education. Outfitting the chapel as a music ministry area will not eliminate its multi-use function.

Education Wing

Our primary education area for our youngest learners is in need of improvement, particularly in areas of accessibility and restroom availability. If bathrooms are added to the second floor, the preschool would be able to expand service. There are some undetermined factors in renovating this area - such as potential asbestos abatement, and options to include an elevator - which are currently not fully known.