UpDATE: MARCH 14, 2019

Our proposed construction firm, Taylor and Parrish, held a walk-through for subcontractors this past Monday. They plan to present a guaranteed maximum price (with alternative add-ons) to Council and members of the Building Team on the week of March 24. This will be the next (and final) step before calling a congregational meeting to approve the plan and the financing for the plan. We now expect that to happen in April.

We are thankful for everyone's continued patience as this process unfolds. The excitement is building and we know that many still have questions about what is in store for the congregation, especially as it concerns moving and accommodating ministries and their space needs during a time of construction. We hope to have those questions addressed when we have our meeting with Taylor and Parrish on the week of March 24.

update from January 10, 2019

BREAKING NEWS! The Brighten Our Light Fund has received more than $1 million in contributions! We are so thankful for everyone's generous response to this campaign as we move toward the $1.4 million that was pledged by the congregation last year. This puts us in a very good position as we move to vote on breaking ground within the next several weeks. We are waiting for the Construction Documents to be completed and for the construction firm we have selected, Taylor and Parrish, to finalize a cost estimate. That should be forthcoming by the end of January.

On that note...Congregation Council is planning on holding a forum in Price Hall between worship services on Sunday, February 3, to present some more information on the financial side of this project. This will be similar to what was shared at the Annual meeting in November but more detailed. The Finance Team has met with the Mission Investment Fund and is finalizing the loan application package.

update from November 8, 2018

In anticipation of our annual meeting this Sunday, November 11, Congregation Council has put together this overview of the proposed renovation and expansion plans. The Building Team and Finance Teams will be going over this information in greater detail at the meeting. This information is designed to communicate as much about the project as we can so that the congregation feels informed about these plans and this decision. Happy reading, and we welcome your questions!

Click here for the overview (PDF file)

Additionally, you may click on the link below to view and download the architect's revised drawings
of the renovations and expansion. Larger copies are on display in the Commons.

Click here for the architect's drawings

update from October 8, 2018

Henrico County had a hearing on September 26, 2018 for our submitted Design Development drawings.  No one from the community came forward to contest the church's expansion plans.  The County approved moving forward with the provision that we install a sidewalk on the length of Horsepen Road. A variance to this ordinance was requested but denied by the county. Our budget estimate for that addition is $18,000. The architect has been given approval to file Construction Documents with the county.  The Building Team has sent out a Request For Proposals to three Construction Companies for cost estimate and pre-construction and construction phases. We anticipate the whole project will be put to a congregational vote in January 2019.

update from September 4, 2018

The Building Team met with the architect on August 29th, 2018 to go over the Design Development Drawings.  We went over our current design plans and had a very productive meeting.  At this time, we are waiting on an updated construction cost estimate from Taylor & Parrish, a construction company that the building team is working with.  We should receive the estimate by mid September.  With the new estimate we will have our direction for moving forward.  By early October Construction Documents will be filed with the county.  Any feedback or questions should be emailed to epiphanyvision2020@gmail.com or ask any member of the team. We are set to bring this to a vote for the congregation in late 2018 or very early 2019.

update from June 25, 2018

The architect has finished his first round of schematic designs and is revising them for design development with the help of Taylor and Parrish, a construction firm. This is intended to keep potential future construction costs as low as possible. Finalized construction drawings will be produced by the end of the summer. The initial scope of the project has changed to concentrate first on the improvements to the front of the building (the gathering areas, new restroom facilities, and new office suite) and a much-needed unisex bathroom on the second floor of the education wing. Other aspects of the original design can be added later when additional funding as been secured.

Congregation Council has set the construction cost limit at $2.6 million, but the total project cost will be higher and will include "soft costs" such as hiring a construction manager, permit costs, furnishings, and wiring for new internet/technology systems.

Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2019, pending final approval by vote of the congregation at a meeting in fall 2018.