The Congregation Council meets monthly to provide oversight for Epiphany's life and activities.  

Council members are: 

Carol Mawyer & Sue Sparks (term ending 2022)

Brenda Barnes, Jeff Lanham, and Rob McClintock (term ending 2023)

Cheryl Hamm, Bob Johnson, and Matt Mertz (term ending 2024)

President: Tripp Dillard, (term ending in 2022) 

Vice President: Rob McClintock (term ending in 2023) 

Secretary: Sue Sparks (term ending in 2022) 

Treasurer: Tim Sparks (term ending in 2022)

Financial Secretary: Greg Trone

ministry teams

For more information about specific ministries, please contact the church office, 282-6066, ( or the corresponding staff liaison.

WORSHIP: Kevin Barger, Director of Music Ministry

FAITH FORMATION Coordinator: Pastor Sarah Lang

EVANGELICAL OUTREACH: Beth Barger, Volunteer Coordinator

Evangelism: Diane Dillard

SERVICE: Beth Barger, Volunteer Coordinator  

Community Service: Emily Dietrick

Health and Wellness: Vacant


Finance: Vacant

Endowment Fund: Bill Seidel  

Consecration Sunday: Vacant  

Property: Tod Mitchell

Communications: Hanne Hamlin  


Pastors' Mutual Ministry: Brendan Paget

FELLOWSHIP and SUPPORT, Beth Barger, Volunteer Coordinator