The Congregation Council meets monthly to provide oversight for Epiphany's life and activities.  

Council members are: 

Brenda Barnes, Jeff Lanham, and Rob McClintock (term ending 2023)

Cheryl Hamm, Bob Johnson, and Matt Mertz (term ending 2024)

Mike Dunavant, Rhonda Keith, and Kenny Martin (term ending 2025)

President: Rob McClintock, (term ending in 2023) 

Vice President: Cheryl Hamm (term ending in 2024) 

Secretary: Matt Mertz (term ending in 2024) 

Treasurer: Jennifer Edwards

Financial Secretary: Greg Trone

ministry teams

For more information about specific ministries, please contact the church office, 282-6066, ( or the corresponding staff liaison.

WORSHIP: Kevin Barger, Director of Music Ministry

FAITH FORMATION Coordinator: Pastor Sarah Lang

EVANGELICAL OUTREACH: Beth Barger, Volunteer Coordinator

Evangelism: Mike Dunavant

SERVICE: Beth Barger, Volunteer Coordinator  

Community Service: Emily Baird

Health and Wellness: Vacant


Finance: Vacant

Endowment Fund: Bill Seidel  

Consecration Sunday: Vacant  

Property: Rob Hamlin

Communications: Hanne Hamlin  


Pastors' Mutual Ministry: Brendan Paget

FELLOWSHIP and SUPPORT, Beth Barger, Volunteer Coordinator